Child and Adolescent Relationships and Development (CARD)

The interdisciplinary English-language minor Child and Adolescent Relationships and Development (CARD) provides a thorough background for students from social sciences with an interest in child and adolescent development and social factors that influence this development.

Entrance requirements

Some of the courses have entrance requirements. All students (exchange and domestic) have to check the description of the courses in the OSIRIS Course Catalogue to see whether they meet these entrance requirements.

Minor declaration

If you are a student of Utrecht University, the minor will be included in your International Diploma Supplement (provided that you have met all the requirements, of course).

If you are not a student of the University, it may be useful to request a minor declaration. This will allow you to demonstrate that you have successfully completed the minor. When you have passed all courses of this minor, you can apply for a minor declaration in Osiris Case. To do so, you must be enrolled in the minor.

Further information

For questions about this minor you can contact dr. Kirsten Buist, email: