1 augustus 2019

‘You Dutch people are just amazing’

A boy with a blue shirt in front of a large postcard saying 'Greetings from Utrecht University"

This summer, four students are taking part in the pilot project ‘Prep programme for the Master’s in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health’. Malte from Germany is one of them. When he completes this programme, he wants to study at Utrecht University to complete his degree in Veterinary Medicine. He will be one of the first students to start the Master’s programme in Veterinary Medicine with an international previous education.

AVMA accreditation

Malte: ‘Originally, I am from Germany. After high school, I went to Canada in order to improve my English and at the same time work on a farm. That’s when I made the final decision to apply for vet school. After completing the first two years of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, I took the chance to gain some more international as well as practical experience and went abroad to Estonia, supported by the Erasmus programme. After all this traveling and an internship in Australia, it became clear to me that I really needed an international degree. So I contacted all the vet schools accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), including Utrecht.’

Some of the vet schools ignored Malte’s application, while others rejected it. He was welcome at the University of Sydney for 66,000 Australian dollar per semester… Fortunately, Miriam Hoogeveen, staff member at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, called Malte after reading the application.

Malte: ‘This pilot programme came at just the right moment for me. I always wanted to study farm animals. Thanks to Miriam’s amazing efforts and support, I am here now.’

Study programme

About the ‘Preparation programme for the Master’s in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health’, Malte says: ‘It is definitely hard work. Apart from going for a run to clear my head, there is not much free time this summer, but I really want to continue my studies in Utrecht. The programme in Utrecht has a different approach than I am used to. For instance, you learn about different subjects per organ system. In Hannover, we learned everything in subjects. So, I am very confident about what I know in some cases, but I still have some things to learn in others.’

‘If possible, I plan to start my Master’s in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health this autumn with a research project, or otherwise in January. I also have to learn Dutch. I don’t think that it will be much of a problem for German speakers and I expect to finish my Dutch exam in six weeks. I am very happy to study in Utrecht. The Veterinary Medicine programme is practical and flexible, while the student groups are small.’

Supportive staff members

Malte praises the support of the staff members at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; especially Miriam Hoogeveen, Policy Officer at the Department of Student Affairs and Ruurd Jorritsma, lecturer at the Department of Farm Animal Health. ‘Miriam’s support convinced me to come to the Netherlands and Ruurd has also been extremely helpful. For instance, he jumped on his bike on a Saturday to create an extra opportunity for a clinical examination of a cow. You Dutch people are just amazing! I really love that!’

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