Workshop 'Challenges for Growth: hidden opportunities' - 31 October

31 October, 17:15-19:45

Challenges big, challenges small. Challenges are everywhere in life! Even though they are often seen as something we’d like to get away from, they are perfect opportunities for us to grow, learn new skills, and to take charge of life regardless of what gets thrown our way! Challenges are also unique per person and signal us to pay attention to something we have left to work on. When a challenge appears it offers us the most powerful moment to deal with it. No longer inhibited by the challenge, we are free to create life in the way we ant to. Join your fellow students in this workshop and take a closer look at what your challenges are signaling to you! Discover the hidden opportunities your challenges represent and develop confidence, new skills, to move forward on your most desired path in life.

Workshop Challenges for Growth