30 oktober 2017

Utrecht Startup24 Event

Are you a first or second year Bachelor student and interested in entrepreneurship? Take the 24-hour roller coaster ride and join Startup 24!

Startup 24 is a national event with local representation aimed at Bachelor students who will experience what it is to be an entrepreneur and have a startup in a practical, easy and fun way. This year, Startup24 is an initiative of 12 different student organizations, StartupDelta, Dutch tech hubs, Booking.com and Takeaway.com to have students experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in just 24 hours. Solving problems in a creative and flexible way, pitching and creating a business model is not only important for starting a company, the skills are essential in our rapidly changing economy. By letting students get in contact with entrepreneurship as early as possible they have enough time during their studies to experiment with their own product and business ideas. This way they are set up for success after graduation.

Jitse Groen, CEO of Takeaway.com is an inspiring example of a student, who started his business during his study and expanded it to the successful company TakeAway.com is today. Another good example is Booking.com that was also founded by a student and now offers over 4000 young people a job in Amsterdam. Both companies see the importance of entrepreneurial education and are therefore the main sponsors of the event. Prince Constantijn of Orange, Special Envoy for start-ups, announced  the Startup24 event at the opening of the school year at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Constantijn van Oranje: "With this event we hope to inspire student to take entrepreneurship classes, to test their entrepreneurial skills, or even start their own company during their study. Becoming an entrepreneur is a serious career option that gives you the possibility to live your dreams and change the world!"

There will be a 24-hour program, involving teambuilding, a Business Model Canvas workshop, pitch training, a startup fair and a prize award ceremony. For the full program, visit the Startup 24 website. Startup 24 is running 12 events in 12 different cities simultaneously. So, are you a student and do you want to join the movement? Register now!