Nieuwe tweejarige master in Data Science (starting September 2023)

UU introduces a brand new two-year research Master’s programme in Data Science. Starting September 2023.

Data science is one of the most promising career paths to follow. The new research Master’s programme in Data Science teaches how to expand the existing boundaries by designing new theories and better tools, to make an impact in science and society.

The two-year programme operates in parallel to the one-year Master’s in Applied Data Science, that instead aims on how to apply existing data science solutions in different application domains, and the Master’s in AI that focus specifically on the development of algorithms mimicking human intelligence.

The programme is suited for Bachelor’s students in Computing Science, Artificial Intelligence, or in a Computing Science related discipline, containing a significant amount of Computing Science, Data Science and AI-related courses.

Are you interested in this brand new two-year research master's programme? Join us at the Online Open Day on 12 October or check the webpage.