New Elective for Master students: ‘Planetary Health and Climate Resilient Health Systems’ – open for enrolment now!

Are you a Medical Masters student interested in sustainability and planetary health, and would you like to work in an interdisciplinary team on challenges that aim to build more just and climate-resilient health systems? Then the upcoming ‘Planetary Health and Climate Resilient Health Systems’ course would be perfect for you! In this course, students from across the EWUU Alliance partner network, UU/UMCU, TU/e and WUR, will work together to develop solutions to real-world problems with external stakeholders. Students will also take part in a virtual international collaboration with students from across the world through a short assignment! Through a combination of online modules, in-class workshops and interactive seminars, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities and possible trade-offs necessary to build health systems supportive of both human and environmental health and respond effectively to climate change.

Download the flyer. 

Two packages

To make the course more widely accessible and appealing to students across the EWUU Alliance network (UU/UMCU, TU/e and WUR), there are two different ‘packages’ through which this course can be followed! All students will work together and take the same course but will do so in different capacities. The online modules also allow students more flexibility to fit the course load into their schedules more easily.

The two course 'packages' are:

  • Package 1: Full-time for 6 weeks (8 ECTS)
  • Package 2: Part-time for 6 weeks (5 ECTS)

How to register

  • Medical master students (CRU M2/3) can choose this course (package 1) as a ‘geregelde keuzestage’. You can do this by registering for an elective internship in P5 in OSIRIS AND you need to send an email that you would like to join the course to Julia Addison,
  • If you do not plan to take this course as an internship, UU/UMCU students can register via OSIRIS (code GEDU10022) 
  • TU/e and WUR students can register via EduXchange.

The course will take place in P5, from February 26th to April 7th (6-week option) and will be given in English. Enrolment is open now! For more information, please contact Julia Addison,