12 februari 2019

Master course 'primate culture, empathy and morality discussed'  

We would like to notify you about the master course  'primate culture, empathy and morality discussed'  (B-MPCEMD: 2.5 EC) that will be given by distinguished university professor F. de Waal in June 2019. Subscription for this master course is now open for master students from all Faculties of Utrecht University.

The course focuses on animals' capacities for 1. morality, 2. empathy and 3. culture, and may provide new insights to you concerning theories on the biological origins of these particular human capacities. The course consists of three lectures and reading of the indicated literature. After each lecture, there is time for discussion with Prof. de Waal. The course will be examined with a DIGITAL (computer) exam consisting of both multiple choice and open questions.

Subscription to attend this course does NOT go via Osiris, but via a google form. This form, which includes details on the contact hours, can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ij3cwSXHrYAjbpC2wHj9yK0r2DL6rX7AcZVfwzndFTs
Please note that the number of students that can participate from specific master programmes or a cluster of master programmes may be restricted, depending on the size of the program. A total of 120 students can be enrolled for this course. Students will be admitted in the order of their registration. 

For further details please contact masterclass.bio@uu.nl