Kristin Denzer wins Honours Teacher of the Year award 2019

Kristin Denzer with Honours Dean Michael Burke and students Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Kristin Denzer has won the Honours Teacher of the Year Award 2019 during the official Opening of the Academic Honours Year at 14 October. Denzer was nominated for this award by her students Biomedical Sciences. The jury made up of the Honours Dean, faculty honours directors and honours students, stated that Denzer stimulates the freedom within the honours programme for the students to create and perform their own ideas. ‘Kristin Denzer is a worthy winner, she is a perfect example of who an honours teacher should be’

With the Honours Teacher of the Year Award the university acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of the Utrecht University honours teachers. Every year one of the university honours teachers receives this award during the Opening of the Academic Honours Year. The teachers are nominated by honours students of the different faculties and programmes. The students Biomedical Sciences who nominated Kristin Denzer state that Kristin stimulates the confidence of the students through boosting their independency and self-esteem. ‘She is a coach on the side and lets us organize honours meetings based on our own interests. She never prevents us from trying and puts her entire network to use to make it possible for us to achieve our, at first thought, ‘unrealistic' ideas. Hereby stimulating the entire group to think out-of-the-box.’

Honours Dean prof Michael Burke: ‘Working with highly talented students requires extremely talented and inspiring teachers. With this award those individuals are acknowledged and thanked.’ Dr. Merel van Goch, prof. dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz and dr. Yvonne van Zeeland were also selected for the award by the jury.