30 oktober 2017

Join the USP students challenge!

Are you a student and do you like to challenge yourself? Would you like to gain real-life experience working on ground-breaking, innovative projects at Utrecht Science Park? Can you devote 8 hours per week for a 6 week long period to work on an entrepreneurial project? Then USP Student Challenge is for you!

USP Student Challenge is a cooperative initiative between Utrecht Science Park (USP), Utrecht Holdings, Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship, UtrechtInc and UtrechtInc Students in order to boost student involvement in ground-breaking innovative projects and thus help them gain real life experience. On the other hand case owners will receive multidisciplinary and out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for their innovative ventures. Projects are provided by top-notch innovative researchers and disruptive start-ups on USP. In this 6 week challenge you will team up with 4-5 fellow students in multidisciplinary teams. You will be responsible for planning and executing the whole project and present the outcome at the final event. Project owners and sponsors will be there to provide access to the necessary resources during the challenge.

What can you expect? You’ll gain practical experience with real life projects, improve your project management skills, become part of something with real impact, grow your network, boost your career and you’ll receive a certificate from Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship!

What are you waiting for… Join the USP challenge!