22 februari 2018

TransDisciplinary Undergraduate Research Exchange

Join our exchange programme with Hong Kong University


All undergraduate honours students of Utrecht University are welcome to apply for the 3rd Honours Research Exchange between Hong Kong University and Utrecht University. Ten students from Utrecht University and ten students from Hong Kong University will do transdiscplinary research together and the students will visit each other in April and June

A set of transdisciplinary research methods and events will be initiated and organized by students around issues related to social, artistic, and technical creativity in relation to the Experience of the City. With their peers in Utrecht, students will co-create research strands, events for public participation, and creative + scholarly + media outcomes for the purposes of discovery, visibility, and potential publication.


The virtual collaboration between the two research groups will last from February to June 2018. Utrecht Students will visit Hong Kong in April and the Hong Kong students will visit Utrecht from (approximately) May 28 to June 3.


University pays for the travel and stay, you are asked to add 300 euro. Food and transportation there are paid by students themselves (Hong Kong is NOT expensive)

Deadline for application

26th of February


Contact Rick Dolphijn asap, r.dolphijn@uu.nl. The final selection takes place the first of March.