19 november 2020

Invitation to Living Pasts: Interdisciplinary Hands-on elective Course

Dear Students,

In the third period the English elective course Living Pasts: Augmenting Urban Landscapes and Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age will be given for the fourth time. Please watch our video introduction of the course here.

In this challenge-based learning course, you and your interdisciplinary team will uncover the rich history of Utrecht and share your findings with the public. Combining historical, architectural and societal data, you will develop and design an innovative application for the city of Utrecht. In the process, you will learn how to cooperate effectively across disciplinary borders, take charge of your own learning process and experimentally assess the added value of new media and ICT. The course will accumulate in presentations and, if feasible, interactive demos of the teams’ final prototypes.

Prototypes made by former students of the course offer an opportunity for you to further expand upon. Likewise, the next iteration of the course will continue to work where you left off. Some examples of what has previously been created in the course are:

In February 2021, the story of the Dom Square and the majestic Dom itself will be central. Depending on your team’s preferences and disciplinary knowledge you will zoom in on aspects such as the historical events, social dynamics, earth samples, Linked Data architecture and even game technology for visualizing your team’s findings. You will work with the best available data provided by the Utrecht Archives and other partners, and collaborate with scientists, data & heritage experts, programmers, and local history buffs.

For more information on the content of the course and its co-design approach, you can visit the online course manual and the course website. Experiences of former students can be found in the Living Pasts blog.

The course will start on Wednesday February 10th (2021) at 13.15. Registration is possible from November 2nd - November 29th, with an option for late registration January 25th & 26th (2021).

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact us at t.pieters@uu.nl.

With kind regards,
Toine Pieters, Ivar Troost, Simon Dirks, Time Overkempe, Gijs Nikkels