Interuniversity Sustainability Challenge

What will a city look like at 1.5 degree Celsius temperature increase, or what should a city look like? This challenge focuses on global warming and the adaptations that are needed to face it. Where will we live, how do we travel, what will our grocery store look like, etc.

This course is for 2nd year Bachelor students from all the alliance institutes challenge. Groups of students will work towards solutions starting on February 6th, 2023 until April 14th 2023. The study load varies per institute, TU/e students will have 5 ECTS, WUR students 6 ECTS, and students from UU and UMCU 7.5 ECTS. This will be achieved through extra assignments.


  • TU/e via Osiris (5 ECTS, code 0SK30) until January 8th, 2023
  • WUR via Osiris (6 ECTS, code MAQ52306) until November 27th 2022
  • UU and UMC Utrecht via Osiris (7,5 ECTS, code GEO2-2006) t/m November 25th, 2022 (late registration on: 23th and 24th January 2023)

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