Dutch Dairy Challenge

This year, students can choose between two tracks: the Student Track and the Farm Track. Both tracks start at the same day but differ from each other in focus, workload and ECTS.
The general focus of the challenge is to transition towards a sustainable dairy industry.

Bachelor and master students from Eindhoven, Wageningen and, Utrecht will work on this topic between February 9 and May 19 (final event on May 11th). With guidance from experts in the field, students will find solutions for the Dutch dairy industry.

The Open Challenge is in English, the Farm Challenge is in Dutch

  • The total study load for the Open Challenge equals 6 ECTS
  • The total study load for the Farm Challenge equals 0 ECTS
  • The Open Challenge is only for 3rd year bachelor’s and master’s students
  • The Farm Challenge is open for all HBO students (college degree) and WO students (university education)


Deadline for registration is on the 22th of January, 2023

Open Challenge (6 ECT)

Farm Challenge 


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