National Taiwan University is a universitywide partner in Taipei, Taiwan.

Academic calendar

Semester I: 3rd week of September (usually a Monday)

Semester II: 3rd week of February (usually a Monday)


No requirements.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Once exchange students fulfil the prerequisites or have the consent of their instructors, they are allowed to take any courses at NTU except the practical training courses in the school of Medicine.

Courses at Master’s level

Yes. Courses at Master’s level are only open to exchange students in graduate level of study at their home university; undergraduate exchange students may not be allowed to take them.

Language of instruction
Housing assistance

Guaranteed on-campus housing for exchange students who choose to live in dorms on application forms.

Estimated living costs per month

TWD ± 22000  [€600 (August 2015)]


Normal study load per term

in credits: 9-15
in courses: 3-8 (depending on the number of credits of each course)


Grading system: The grading scales of NTU run from F (minimum goals not achieved) to A+ (all goals achieved beyond expectation).

Minimum pass is: C- for undergraduate students and B- for graduate students.

Number of places available

6 places per year.


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.