Testimonials Craving Science? Discover Conferences!


Annick Kooij – Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MA) 

Which conference? 8th International Influenza Meeting 

Where? Münster, Germany 

Means of travel: by car (carpooling) 

“I learned a lot. Not only about influenza but also how it is to attend a conference. It is a great idea to apply for the Craving Science? Discover Conferences fee! I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in attending an event like this. ” 


Meral Maas – Art History (MA)  

Which conference? Sustaining Art: People, Practice, Planet in Contemporary Art Conservation 

Where? Dundee, Scotland 

Means of travel: ferry and train 

“Travelling in a sustainable way was a requirement for the Craving Science? Discover Conferences funding but on top of that, I was morally obliged to travel sustainably, as sustainability is what my conference is all about. “ 


Susanna Höppener - Medicine (MA) 

Which conference? Young Investigators Meeting (YIM) of the Paediatric Rheumatology European Association (PReS) 

Where? Prague, Czech Republic 

Means of travel: Train 

“It was an amazing experience, and I was very happy to have presented my first scientific research here by means of a poster. It was fascinating to get to learn the current state of affairs on both the immunological background as well as the clinical practice of Pediatric Rheumatology.” 


Michał Niedbała - Public International Law (MA) 

Which conference? Poland 2.0 Summit 

Where? London, England 

Means of travel: Train 

“On my way to the gala, I was thinking about the amount of inspiration and guidance I received today. Intense, but a day full of knowledge at the Royal Institute of London with panels on the future of freedom of speech, technology, war in Ukraine and science.” 


Olivia Riksen/Rik Mathot/Tessa Nauta/Beau Munnik - Master Global Challenges for Sustainability (CHARM-EU)

Which conference? International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) & Ocean Energy Europe (OEO). 

Where? San Sebastián Spain 

Means of travel: Train from Barcelona to San Sebastián 

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) & Ocean Energy Europe (OEO) gathers energy professionals and decision-makers from all around the globe in San Sebastian/Donostia. The ocean energy sector is highly developing, hence it is interesting for us, as students Global Challenges for Sustainability, to look at the challenges and progressions the sector has faced and is facing. 

Vlog | Master students go to San Sebastián, Spain