The Mindfulnest

The Mindfulnest is placed in the Educatorium

From the 5th of September, you can find the Mindfulnest in the Eductorium. The Mindfulnest is a completely soundproof space that is specially designed to facilitate a moment of peace and quiet. You can take a minute to wind down, collect your thoughts, pray or any other activity that will recharge and relax you enough so you can take on the day again.

By providing moments of calm, The Mindfulnest is part of a bigger mission to empower students and employees to connect with themselves, so that they can live a more balanced, healthy and happy (student)life. 

Get inside The Mindfulnest and close the door behind you. Experience the calmness in your own space. Make yourself comfortable by sitting on the chair, cushion or seat. Whatever you want. Personalize the ambience by setting the light color and its intensity. Choose one of the meditations via the built-in application, or listen to serene music or soundscapes. Of course you can also sit in silence, catch your breath, pray or do whatever you feel you need during this moment for yourself.

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