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University College London is an exchange destination for Utrecht University Bachelor students of the faculty of Humanities in London, United Kingdom.

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Academic calendar

Semester I (Fall Term): approximately late September – December
Semester II (Spring Term): approximately January – June

Academic Calendar

Please note that UCL semester 1 (autumn term) is shorter than 3 months / 90 days. Although UCL autumn term is less than 90 days, it is accepted as a full academic term for the purpose of the Erasmus grant.
Semester 2 lasts 5 months.


Course requirement: At undergraduate level, you will need to take at least 50% of your courses within that department, but you may choose up to 50% as electives from other departments. 

Language requirement: a minimum language level of B2 (CEFR) in English is required, but the department can ask for an official test. More information

A GPA of 3.3 may be required, discuss this with the contact person of your bachelor programme.

Areas of study open to exchange students
  • Bachelor students:

- Languages: Dutch only. NVT-stage: please contact Emmeline Besamusca, E.N.Besamusca@uu.nl for additional information and before applying.

Students must take at least 50 percent of their credits at the 'School of European Languages, Culture & Society' (SELCS). Subjects taught here cover European Culture and Society, Dutch Language and Culture, French, German, Italian and Scandinavian, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. 

Students may request up to 50 percent of their credits in the following UCL departments, depending on availability: European Social and Political Studies, Political Science, History, History of Art, Linguistics, Psychology, Psychology and Language Sciences, Philosophy, Management, Economics, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Greek & Latin, Hebrew & Jewish Studies, Slavonic & East European Studies, Science & Technology, Computer Science. Note that the English department does not offer any courses to Erasmus students from other UCL departments. Restrictions might be specified by the relevant UCL departments and vary each year.


- Linguistics

Students can only take courses at the Faculty of Linguistics. Subjects taught here cover Dutch Language and Culture, French Studies, German Studies, Linguistics, Psychology, and Geography. 

Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction


Housing assistance
Estimated living costs per month

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

Languages (Dutch only): 2 places per year, one during fall-term, one during spring-term.
Linguistics: 2 places per year.


Additional information

More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.

Do you have any questions about this partner university or about studying abroad? Contact the International Office of the Faculty of Humanities (details below).

You can also see stories of students who have been abroad on Instagram!

International Office Humanities

Our front desk is currently closed until further notice. This means that there are no walk-in hours and it is not possible to make an appointment.  

You can reach us in the following ways:

Please mention your student number in all correspondence!


We are unable to sign physical documents. If you need to have a document signed, please send it to us via email.

Mailing address

Drift 10, 3512 BS Utrecht
+31 (0)30 253 6046


  • Sanne Boomsma - Head International Office Humanities;
  • Pooi Ji Hang - Exchange Coordinator (South and East Europe, Asia, Central and South America);
  • Monique Hanrath - Exchange Coordinator (North and West Europe, Africa, Oceania and North America);
  • Nelline Bogerd - Support Officer;
  • Agaath Sluijters - Support Officer.
Walk-in office hours

Our front desk is currently closed.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment via this online form or send an email to internationaloffice.hum@uu.nl.

Handing in and picking up documents

Send an email to internationaloffice.hum@uu.nl.