On 11 April, the Faculty of Medicine will start the new public evening course 'Global Health'. Monthly every second Wednesday between 19.00-21.30 hrs, a key topic in Global Health is featured.
The course takes place in the Pink lecture room of the faculty near the Hijmans van den Bergh Building.

For more information about the course, check out the Global Health Facebook page.
Questions? Please feel free to contact the international office: international.office@umcutrecht.nl

Datum Onderwerp
11 April 2018 Health(care) in disaster and humanitarian aid settings
9 May 2018 Global Surgery
13 June 2018 Global Mental Health
11 July 2018 Global Women’s Health
22 August 2018 Global Child Health
12 September 2018 Topic to be announced
10 October 2018 Topic to be announced
14 November 2018 Topic to be announced
12 December 2018 Topic to be announced
9 January 2019 Topic to be announced
13 February 2019 Topic to be announced
13 March 2019 Topic to be announced

UU students

For enrolment go to Osiris, the course code is GNME00118.

Non-UU students

For enrolment, fill in this form.

  • The course is successfully completed when you attend 7 evenings and also submit an essay on a subject that connects to an evening of your choice. After completing these components you will receive a certificate. For students who enrol in the GH&TM course from April 2018 onwards: for completion of the course you need to have attended 9 out of 11 evenings and submit an essay. For those who started earlier: the current 7 out of 11 evenings are maintained (and of course you are very much encouraged to participate in more!). Please note: the online pre-departure course is not a requirement for UU Medicine students anymore. 
  • An attendance card will be distributed on the first evening you attend the GH&TM course. Please make sure that it is signed off every evening you attend, this takes place at the end of the evening.
  • The essayform is available here. After completion, please send your essay to globalhealth@umcutrecht.nl. We have entered into a partnership with the IFMSA-NL magazine 'Global Medicine' and a selection of the essays will be published here.
  • Follow the UMC Utrecht International Office Facebook page to stay informed about the course programme and speakers. Registered students will also receive course information by email.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The course has been renewed, with different speakers and a new design of the programme. You can participate again in the entire course, or only attend specific evenings.

Yes! This is no problem. However, you will not receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Yes! Both the separate evenings and the entire course are open for non medicine students, such as students from other faculties or universities, UMCU employees or other interested parties. If you are a UU student please register in Osiris for the course, non-UU students can send an email to globalhealth@umcutrecht.nl.

Yes! You can enter any time of the year. For attendance the number of evenings will be counted from the first month you enter the course, a total of 9 is required.

We ask students to write 3 summaries based on literature you can find (around 100 words per summary).