E-module ‘Consent Matters’

The online module “Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect, and Positive Intervention” provides you as a student training on important topics during your student life: sexual consent, communication and relationships, and bystander intervention. You can follow the module online (via Blackboard), in your own time, when it suits you. In one hour you’ll be much wiser! The module consists of 3 parts (each 20 minutes):

  • Module 1: Thinking about consent
  • Module 2: Communication skills
  • Module 3: Looking out for others

Module 1: Thinking about consent

  • The consent conversation
  • Why consent matters
  • Sex and consent
  • Consent misconceptions
  • Consent 101
  • How consent works in practice
  • Practice scenario: Alcohol and consent
  • Support

Module 2: Communication skills 

  • Communication and consent
  • Boundaries
  • Let’s talk about sex
  • Stop, Pause, Go
  • Relationships and respect
  • Practice scenario: Pressure, communication skills and respect
  • Support

Module 3: Looking out for others

  • What’s positive intervention?
  • Difficult situations
  • What holds us back?
  • Choosing to step in
  • Becoming an active bystander
  • Different ways of stepping in
  • Practice scenarios: Looking out for others
  • Support


You can find the Module on Blackboard> My communities> GNK Consent Matters module.