Whom to contact when

Various support staff are available at Utrecht University to help you with any questions, support or tailored advice you may need during your stay. 

Programma-specific questions

International Office of Veterinary Medicine

The International Office of Veterinary Medicine is your first point of contact. You can contact the intenational office to ask questions about education, schedules, exams, certified transcripts or graduation statements or advice about admitting a request at the Board of Examiners.

Student affairs veterinary medicine

You can turn to Student affairs veterinary medicine for study-related questions and information about practical matters involving education.

Study advisors 

The Study Advisor is a confidential advisor and acts as a mediator between students and lecturers. He or she can help you with problems involving academic motivation, delays, exemptions, absence from exams, studying abroad, a plan of study. 

Clinical tutor

Your clinical tutor ...... 

Board of Examiners

You can contact the Board of Examiners to request certain approvals e.g. for exemptions or substitutions in your study programme or to have an additional test moment in case of illness or other special circumstances. 

Questions not related to your study programma 

Student Services

You can contact Student Service for information about studying at Utrecht University in general, such as information about your enrolment, tuition fees, student grants, accommodation, administrative grants and Studielink.

ICT helpdesk ITS

You can contact the ICT helpdesk for help and advice with IT problems, like problems with your account/ password, studying remote (or from home) at the Utrecht University or problems with printing, scanning and copying. 


Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? For example: a fellow student who faints, theft, an accident with dangerous fluids or a fire? Call the emergency number (030) 253 44 44.

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