Minor Basics Veterinary Medicine

Become a Veterinarian in the farm animal sector

Would you like to become a veterinarian in the farm animal sector? And are you a current student of the Bachelor’s programme in Animal Sciences at Wageningen University & Research? If so, then consider taking the Basics in Veterinary Medicine minor. This minor prepares you for a good start in the Master’s in Veterinary Medicine, which trains you to become a veterinarian.

Basics in veterinary medicine minor

The Basics in Veterinary Medicine minor introduces you to the most relevant diseases in all relevant animal species: companion animals, horses and farm animals (ruminants, pigs and poultry). You learn what causes diseases, how certain disease symptoms arise, which diagnostic options are available and how to clinically examine and treat sick animals. You also learn how to ensure that a group of animals stays healthy, and how to prevent people from getting sick from eating animal products.

minor = a coherent package of (at least) four optional subjects dealing with a specific topic

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