Vending machines


In all Utrecht University buildings you can find about 260 vending machines. Approximately 200 coffee machines and 60 snack and soft drink machines. 

What do the machines contain? 

  • The coffee machines offer different products. The machines in the office settings contain 100% sustainable, certified coffee beans (UTZ). The machines in the busy student settings also contain cheaper, quicker instant coffee. You can also get hot water, chocolate milk and fresh tea from the machines. The last two have the Max Havelaar trademark.
  • In the soft drinks vending machines you will find the well-known soft drinks. 50% of the supply is a more healthy alternative.
    Since the beginning of February 2019 you will no longer find disposable water bottles in the vending machines in the university buildings. Instead of these bottles you can buy reusable bottles from Join the Pipe. You can fill these for free with water at the coffee machines or a tap. Want to know more?
  • In the snacks vending machines the regular snacks can be found, e.g. Mars and Bounty. Moreover, more healthy alternatives like popcorn and a healthier bar are also available. You can recognise these alternatives by the green bar below the product.
  • At the luxurious unmanned coffee corners you can buy luxurious coffee from fresh beans, if desired with fresh milk. You can find these coffee corners in several buildings. 

Various initiatives are taken for sustainability. The machines have a cold water tap point where you can fill your water bottle or glass with chilled and filtered water for free. Also, the reuse of the sustainable paper cups will be stimulated through an attractive design with name and consumption choice and a discount of € 0,05. Read more about sustainability.

Empty or malfunction?
Despite the fact that the machines are regularly serviced and filled, machines may be empty or have a malfunction. Please report this to the FSC Service Desk via (030) 253 95 95 or the self-service portal. stating the machine number and building/floor. Machines are usually fixed in an hour. 

If you have any complaints about the (items in) the machine, please let us know by filling in the self-service portal.