Utrecht University Store

Collectie Utrecht University Store (fotograaf Simona Evstatieva)
Clothing available from the University Shop.

In our Utrecht University Store you can find fun UU presents, clothes, promotional gifts or gadgets? Check out our Utrecht University Store. The clothing line is renewed. Are you curious? Please visit the webshop or go to one of our sales outlets.

How and where can I buy products?

* At the reception desks in the Academiegebouw and Bestuursgebouw no products from the Utrecht University Store can be purchased as long as the lockdown is in effect.

For special orders, please contact Unigear via www.utrechtuniversitystore.nl. The university has outsourced the production, sales and management to the company The Gear, also known as Unigear. 

Delivery of orders

Your order will be delivered to your home address. You can find the costs in the Utrecht University Store.

Collectie Utrecht University Store (fotograaf Simona Evstatieva)
Photographer: Simona Evstatieva


  • The sustainability aspect is reflected in the product range in the following ways:
    • The products are manufactured in a responsible manner with consideration for people and the environment.
    • The promotional gifts are everyday objects that can actually be used and reused.
    • During production, the number of actual orders is taken into account so that nothing will be left over and go to waste.
  • Together with Blockchain, Unigear has created a fair-proof platform where you can trace items like your sweater all the way back to the cotton field. Based on dates, times and geological information, you can see what happens at every step in the production chain. 
  • Unigear’s goal is to achieve carbon-neutral business operations by 2025. In collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group, the company has mapped the carbon emissions from the manufacturing of its sweaters and t-shirts. 
  • The Gear Company only packages products when necessary, e.g. to protect the product or extend its shelf life. Just over half of the products in the current basic range are packaged. 80% of this packaging is fully biodegradable and can be reused.