University Library City Centre


Drift 27, 3512 BR Utrecht, The Netherlands

Post office box 80124, 3508 TC Utrecht

Tel. +31 30 253 6115


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The university grounds are smoke-free.

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  • Espressobar Lodewijk (Mon-Fri 8:30-15:00)

Getting there

By Public Transport


Nearest bus stop: Janskerkhof 


Get off at Utrecht Central Station. From there take a bus to the Janskerkhof bus stop.


Car park

Multi-storey car park Kruisstraat

Disabled parking space

Bicycle Parking


Bicycle cellar under the courtyard at the Wittevrouwenstraat

Alternative bicycle parking on the Keizerstraat

Accessibility and inclusion


Main entrance

Wheelchair accessible 

Location: on the west side of the building, accessible directly from the street.

Type: large revolving door.

Note: the revolving door is large enough for wheelchair users. The front desk can also open the regular doors situated next to the revolving door.

Alternative entrance

Wheelchair accessible*

Location: the alternative entrance is located on the north side and is located on a square that can be reached via the Wittevrouwenstraat.

Type: regular door.

Note: *quite heavy doors.



Location: on the left hand side after main entrance.

Range: 3 of 3 floors (only with access card).

Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible Toilet


Location: upon entering via main entrance take the elevator to the first floor (this is only 40 centimeters up) and when exiting the elevator, turn right three times.

A second toilet is located in the Grande Galerie on the first floor. Take the elevator at the end of the Grande Galerie, before the chapel. The toilet is situated facing the elevator.

Monumental building

Please note that this is a monumental building and therefore possibly less accessible.

All-gender toilet

Not present



Via front desk: tel. +31 30 253 6200

Location: the front desk is straight ahead, about 10 meters from the main entrance.

Lactation, first aid or quiet room


Location: room 2.21.

Type: lactation room and first aid room.

Facilities: fridge.

Access: XS-pass via FSC reception desk.


Photo Gallery

  • The main entrance of Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • Regular door just behind the main entrance.
  • Elevator at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • Hallway to the lunch room at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • The alternative entrance at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • Bicycle parking lot at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • Bicycle parking lot at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre
  • Accessible toilet at Drift 27 - University Library City Centre