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University of Wisconsin-Madison is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Madison, USA.

University of Wisconsin-Madison is interesting for all fields.

Number of places available

2 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Early September – Late December 
Spring Semester: Mid-January – Mid-May

Language of instruction


Application deadlines

Fall Semester: February 15th, Spring Semester: August 15th. 

Course levels

There are three levels of courses at Wisconsin: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Check the course for the difficulty level, as the course number does not designate the level.

Credit system

Madison credits convert to ECTS by multiplying by 2; i.e. 1 Madison credit = 2 ECTS. So, 15 Madison credits correspond to a full course load at UCU (30 ECTS).

Grade system

WISC uses an A-F system that differs slightly from the UCU-system: no plusses and minuses are used. See below table: 

A 4 A
AB 3.5 A-
B 3 B
BC 2.5 B-
C 2 C
D 1 D
F 0 F

Students have to arrange housing themselves. They can apply for university housing, but this is their own responsibility. You’ll have the choice between residence halls (double rooms) with dining facilities and no kitchen or apartments (single rooms) in which you share a kitchen and bathroom with a few people. In Spring, many Madison students go on exchange themselves, so you could ‘sub-rent’ their room. More information.



Because especially the off-campus housing costs vary greatly, an overview cannot be given. The Exchange Handbook of WISC estimates that a one-semester exchange student would spend $9,000 (€7400) on average. This includes insurance, transportation, clothes, food, housing and books. 


There is a short Exchange Orientation program of one day at the beginning of the semester. However, throughout the first week of classes, several social events are planned.

Student experiences

Previous exchange students considered that the University of Wisconsin has a very high academic level. You’re advised to be on time with registering for courses, otherwise the ones you prefer are already full. It is suggested to live in one of the apartments and not in the residences as mostly 1st and 2nd years do so and you’ll thus be surrounded by younger people. So, either get a room from an American student who is on exchange or live in the International buildings Saxony or Lucky’s. Living off-campus is also a good option: many non-freshmen do so as well and it’s quite a bit cheaper. If you want to experience College life in a typical American college town: go to Madison!

More information: 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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