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Universidad Iberoamericana is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students, located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Universidad Iberoamericana is interesting for all fields.

Please note: Students have the possibility of doing an internship during (or after) their exchange semester.

Acclaimed subjects

Iberoamericana is renowned for its Science and Technology degrees. Students who enjoy learning some more about Spanish language and culture may be particularly interested.

Semesters available

No semester preference.

Number of places available

2 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Early August - Early December
Spring Semester: Early January - Mid-May

Language of instruction

This destination has a language of instruction other than English. This means that you need to have at least a language proficiency level of CEFR B2 Spanish. You need to complete Spanish Language and Culture II (UCHUMSPA21) or get an exemption from the UCU Language & Culture coordinator, and it is your own responsibility to achieve at least B2 Spanish. This language requirement is partly for your own protection, so you can take courses at the same level as you do at UCU, and partly because we believe it allows you to have an experience abroad that is more immersive, enriching and culturally valuable to you.

At Universidad Iberoamericana there are English courses available, but the possibility of oversubscription means you might have to take courses in Spanish.

Application deadlines

Fall semester: June 1st, Spring semester: November 1st 

Course offerings

You can search for courses in general on the Iberoamericana website. However, not all those courses are available each semester, so you will have to go to this website to check whether your preferred courses are available the next semester (will be announced 6 weeks in advance before classes start). Available classes are announced here and here.

Course levels

Courses have levels varying from 1st (beginner) to 5th (advanced-master) years. 

Credit system

Most academic semester courses at the Iberoamericana are worth 8 academic credits and are taught 4 hours per week. A full UCU course load (30 ECTS) corresponds to 5 courses of 8 Ibero credits / 6 ECTS.

Grade system

Iberoamericana uses a scale from 10 to 1, with 10 as the highest grade and 6 as the lowest passing grade. Below you can see how this translates to UCU grades:


grade point



































8,0 – 10




There are no dorm rooms on the campus, but you can arrange your housing through the university. Iberoamericana housing office helps students to find accommodation, either through the supervised Homestay programme (see here) or by advising them when they find apartments. They strongly recommend renting an apartment only after you have had the opportunity to visit it and negotiate a price. 


The total costs for a semester are estimated to be around $3,250 (€2750), including housing, transportations, books and supplies and meals. These costs are around $3,950 (€3400) when your housing is arranged through the Homestay program. The costs for housing with a host family is between $1,500-2,500 (€1300-2150) per term. These prices depend on the neighbourhood where you will reside and if you have a single or double room, for example.


There is a 3-day orientation session for new visiting students: a general orientation, registration for classes and such activities, a few days during the week before classes start. Iberoamericana also offers a buddy program: each foreign student who is interested in participating gets assigned a Mexican Iberoamericana student, who will be the “buddy” of the foreign student, helping him/her during the semester.

Student experiences

Students have had good experiences at Iberoamericana. Some students have indicated that the academic quality is a little lower than at UCU. However, the courses taught in Spanish seem to be of higher quality. Teachers are accommodating towards exchange students and sometimes allow them to write their essays in English, even when the course is taught in Spanish. Students would say that life is cheaper than in the Netherlands, however, finding affordable housing can be quite challenging. The area around the university is very expensive, which means most students chose to live further out. Public transport is affordable but not very efficient.

Sports and Cultural activities

Ibero has a wide offer of extracurricular activities that include rugby, lacrosse, and tennis, among many other sports and photography, ballet and salsa dancing in the cultural front. Visiting students can participate in any cultural and sports activities and workshops at the university. They are also allowed to join the representative teams of the university. Find all sports options and calendars and cultural options.

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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