Universidad de SanAndrés is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Universidad de SanAndrés is interesting for all fields.


Number of places available

2 students per semester

Academic calendar

Fall semester: Early August– Late December
Spring semester: Early March– Late July 

Language of instruction

This destination has a language of instruction other than English. This means that you need to have at least a language proficiency level of CEFR B2 Spanish. You need to complete Spanish Language and Culture II (UCHUMSPA21) or get an exemption from the UCU Language & Culture coordinator, and it is your own responsibility to achieve at least B2 Spanish. This language requirement is partly for your own protection, so you can take courses at the same level as you do at UCU, and partly because we believe it allows you to have an experience abroad that is more immersive, enriching and culturally valuable to you.

At Universidad de SanAndrés you might find some English courses available, but these are limited and  the possibility of oversubscription means you might have to take courses in Spanish.

Course offerings

The catalog of courses includes a brief description, classroom contact hours, and a link to a recent syllabus as well as the semester in which the course is offered and year in degree when students take the course.

Course levels

not yet available

Credit system

To have a fulltime workload, you’ll have to take at 4 courses

Grade system

10 point scale, 4 is a pass


Host families: Students may to live with a pre-screened Argentinean family during their stay. This option includes breakfast and dinner every day (except for dinner on Saturdays). Host families are and matched with students according to their preferences. Cost is USD $900 per month. Students may elect a one‐month stay for USD $1000.

Apartment: UdeSA staff provides information and resources so students can find their own housing in the city. Prices vary.

On campus dormitories: A limited number of spaces are available in the on-campus dormitory. The residence hall provides shared rooms (doubles and quadruples) for approximately 120 students just steps away from the academic buildings. The building has 24hr security and includes WIFI, shared kitchen, living room area with direct TV and cable, computer lab, coin operated laundry room, quiet study area, storage for suitcases, weekly cleaning, public telephone, backyard and terrace. 

  • Spending will vary by student personal habits.

    - Housing (estimated cost per semester)

    - Homestay including breakfast & dinner every day (except dinner on Sat)‐ USD $4050

    - Room in Shared Apt (no meals included) ‐ USD $2000‐$3200

    - Local Health Insurance (mandatory)‐ approximately USD $330

    - Public Transportation ‐ USD $200

    - Books and Supplies ‐ USD $150

    - Visa Expenses – USD $200

    - Personal Expenses (lunches, laundry, cell phone, entertainment) ‐ USD $1200-$2500

    Please note, Argentina’s inflation rate is currently approximately 55% per year.


Students must participate in the two-day mandatory orientation, which takes place the Thursday and Friday before classes start. It includes a Spanish evaluation as well as first steps to obtain the student visa.

Student experiences

not yet available

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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