Personal Tutors

‘Tutor’ has a special meaning at UCU. UCU tutors combine aspects of the work of ‘tutors’ (tutoren) and ‘study program advisors’ (studieadviseurs) in other programs of study at UU. Like ‘tutors’ elsewhere, UCU tutors are scholars with an academic education that makes them well qualified to provide guidance to students making plans for their own academic future; like ‘study program advisors’, UCU tutors have an understanding of specific program requirements and special circumstances that can affect a student’s progress through the program.  

Our top priority is helping you make academic choices that allow you to earn your UCU degree on time, and with an academic emphasis that allows you to achieve your personal educational goals. We are there to speak with you about your academic options (including but not limited to the UCU curriculum), about determining priorities, and about keeping your performance in line with your goals. When necessary, we guide you with referrals to other experts at UCU or elsewhere.

For more information on UCU Tutors, see here.

Student Life Officer

UCU is a unique community of students living and studying together, and the Student Life Officer works to ensure that the student experience at UCU is a rewarding, productive and fruitful one. Mark Baldwin is UCU’s Student Life Officer
Room 112 College Hall.

The Student Life Officer is a point of contact for all students to discuss any aspect of their personal UCU experience. Mark speaks, on average, with around 200 individual students per semester, on a variety of topics including health, workload, finances, new campus initiatives, planning, family circumstances, making effective decisions, or simply putting things into perspective and making it through the next semester. He can quickly connect with several other support-providers throughout UCU, UU and the city. He is available to meet by appointment or spontaneously – all meetings are confidential (unless disclosure is agreed with the student) and there is no topic off limits.

Mark is not a psychologist or a doctor, though he might be able to help you decide when is a good moment to consult one, if you haven’t already done so.  Read more about Marks’ role here.


Maarten Diederix is the UCU Housemaster. He is frequently to be seen around the campus, and also reachable by email. He can support with a wide range concerns about campus life, safety and security.

Special Cases Committee

Where student cases require additional input from extra perspectives, or reach a level of urgency where senior intervention is required, the SLO can call a gathering of the Special Cases Committee (SSC).  This committee comprises:

  • Student Life Officer
  • 1 member of the Senior Tutor Team
  • The Housemaster
  • 1 member of the Management Team
  • The tutor of the student concerned