Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct or seriously inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated at Utrecht University, including here at University College Utrecht.

Students are expected to observe the Dutch law.

Utrecht University’s Code of Conduct safeguards all students and employees against inappropriate behaviours. 

Furthermore, the College requires its students to observe the UCU  Social Honor Code included in the Campus Rules and Regulations, with specific references to interpersonal conduct.


Annemieke explains her role as follows: "I am here for any student who would like to talk in confidence about something that has happened to them or to someone else in the field of sexual relations that does not feel right, whether it be a recent incident or something that occurred longer ago. Nothing is too minor. I am not a therapist, but will offer initial support and take the time to listen to you. Depending on your needs, I can help you decide on further steps like finding professional counselling or contacting the police. It is important to emphasize that in this process you, and only you are in control. Making an appointment to talk to me does not mean that you start some kind of official procedure. Nothing will happen that you do not want to happen."


  • UCU’s Senior Counsellor, Mark Baldwin, is available for confidential conversations about all non-academic parts of young adult and residential life. As well as offering a safe and non-judgemental space to share your concerns and experiences, he can also guide you towards the most appropriate sources of further help if needed. or
  • Students who prefer to talk to someone outside of campus can contact the UU Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate behaviour, Marian Joseph:
  • Please know that your personal tutor is there for personal as well as academic guidance and that you can always contact them too.

Numbers to add to your phone:

  • (030 253)4444: Utrecht University emergency security number
  • 112: police emergency number (for non-emergencies: 0900 8844)
  • 0800 0188: 24/7 emergency number of the Centre for Sexual Assault

Websites to bookmark: