We are each individually responsible for our own personal wellbeing here.

This can be challenging for those of you who arrive at university from a supportive home environment, and the transition to independence might take some time. However, it is an important and inevitable part of emerging adulthood that you accept this responsibility and make it part of your life.

Amongst other things, this means registering with a doctor’s practice, and making sure you have the right kind of health insurance policy. It also means striving for a balanced, healthy lifestyle which will probably include studies, extra-curricular activities, sports, eating, socializing and resting.

Of course, while your own wellbeing is your personal responsibility, UCU (as well as the wider university, and the city of Utrecht) is your willing partner in achieving and maintaining it.

Facing up to the daily challenges of life, integrating with the world beyond oneself, and keeping things in proportion are indeed tricky (though usually very positive) parts of emerging adulthood. While we all react differently to these challenges, and for some it’s harder than others, there is no evading the accountability that we each have as individuals to seek out and accept the support we need to reach our full potential.

You can depend on the institution to guide you in this, and to direct you to the best sources of support when needed. For this to be truly effective students must demonstrate the kind of personal responsibility which allows them to take up the support on offer, or call for extra support when it’s not there.

Please read on for more about this.