Psychologists and Mental Health Specialists


Utrecht University has its own team of psychologists devoted to supporting  students from all faculties, including University College Utrecht students. This team is part of Utrecht University’s Student Services, and is located in the Administration Building in Utrecht Science Park

The psychologists are experienced in treating students from the Netherlands and abroad, in a range of personal and health issues, including some specialist areas. The meetings are confidential and free of charge (though the first ‘intake’ session costs €25). After your initial intake meeting, and depending on the nature of your case, you will be advised on further treatments.

No referral is required to make an appointment – you may simply contact Student Services directly yourself.

Find out more about the psychologists, and scheduling an appointment

General Practitioner (GP)

You may also consult your General Practitioner (GP) with questions or concerns about mental health. Where appropriate, s/he can refer you to a suitable specialist (e.g. a psychologist or psychiatrist) for ongoing treatment. It is often advisable to notify your GP of any health matter, even if you meet with a university psychologist, so s/he can be aware of your own wellbeing strategy.

‘Off-Campus’ Psychologists & Therapists

There are, of course, many other healthcare professionals in Utrecht and throughout the country, who offer consultations in psychology and various therapies. The University does not make specific recommendations, though a basic internet search reveals a number of practitioners, including some with previous experience in counselling UCU students (in English or Dutch). Some are listed in the International Therapist Directory. This website is not a recommendation from or collaboration with the UU, but is simply a public resource. The university continues to recommend that all your health matters are channeled through your own GP

Specialist Types of Support, Further Information and Self-Help

Suicide Prevention

113 Suicide Prevention is the national Dutch suicide prevention centre, which employs psychologists, psychiatrists and a large group of fully trained volunteers who provide round-the-clock confidential support through chats and phone calls. Do not hesitate to call this number (0900 - 0113) if you or somebody you know is contemplating suicide, or is feeling desperate. Help is available in English and Dutch.

Mental health crises

Altrecht Crisis Hotline (Altrecht Crisisdienst)
Tel: +31 30 230 8850 (22.00 to 08.30)

Altrecht is a specialist mental health support organisation in Utrecht. Via your GP or the police you can be referred to Altrecht for help with mental health emergencies in urgent situations 24/7, when other student services are unavailable. English can be used and translators for other languages can be provided if necessary.

Outside office hours you can also seek referral via the Huisartsenpost (Central Doctors Post) where a doctor is always on call. The closest post is at Burgemeester Fockema Andreaelaan 60, 3582 KD Utrecht Telephone +31 88 130 9670

Mental Health Support & Self-Help

The British mental health charity Mind is an excellent source of further information about mental wellbeing, as well as offering all kinds of specific advice and self-help resources.

The Dutch organization PsyQ offers a range of mental healthcare support to Dutch and international students.

GGZ Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) is the sector organisation of specialist mental health and addiction care providers in the Netherlands


Transgender Network Netherlands and Transgender Info are good sources of information and guidance on transgender issues.
These websites are in Dutch, though the staff are able to offer support in English. 

113 has a special information page for transgender issues.

Sex and Sexual Identity

The nearby organisation ‘Sense’ offers free, confidential consultations for young people in Utrecht, relating to all aspects of sexual life, identity and welfare. 
The website is in Dutch and in English
You can simply write to them via the website to make an appointment. 

UCU has its own platform for all LGBTQ+ issues, called the UCU Pride Committee. UCU Pride Committee is a student-run board and are not professional psychologists.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Students with concerns over their own drug or alcohol (ab)use, or that of others, can make direct contact with Jellinek (substance abuse support centre), with an office nearby in Utrecht. Professional guidance and advice is offered in Dutch or English. The UCU Connect Centre's Senior Counselor can also bring you into contact with drugs and addiction counsellors.