Learning Accommodation Agreements

If you have a disability, learning disorder or chronic illness, you may request additional provisions to enable you to study more effectively These are called Learning Accommodation Agreements. Utrecht University is committed to offering students with a disability a range of options for making their studies manageable, and has developed a variety of different schemes, regulations and facilities for this purpose. Some of these can be further customised to reflect the personal needs of the student, as well as the local learning environment – including the unique characteristics of UCU’s residential setting. There are, of course, limitations to the kind of flexibility available, and it might differ from that which you were perhaps offered previously at high school.

The University’s brochure for supporting students with disabilities is available to download at this webpage. Please be reminded that the webpage and the brochure reflect UU’s standard policies and are aimed broadly at the wider UU population, and are the starting point for all faculties. In meeting the needs of UCU students, it is important that a number of the policies are customised to take into account some of the unique characteristics of this campus, curriculum and ethos, so that an appropriate Learning Accommodation Agreement can be made.

To discuss this in greater detail, and how you can be best supported, please approach your Tutor or the Student Life Officer.

To have a Learning Accommodation Agreement in place in time for exams, it is important to discuss your needs with your Tutor or the Student Life Officer as early as possible (preferably within the first two weeks of the semester). Late requests might mean there is insufficient time for any special needs to be catered for.

Further Resources

Students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder may access further support from the university, including a customised introduction to studying in Utrecht. The information here is available in Dutch, though English-language guidance is also available on request (ask the Student Life Officer for further details).