Interested in running? Here you can find more information on the elections, ASC and the different positions.

For the timeline of the whole elections period, see the elections home page.

An election statement

One A4 in PDF sharing your hopes and dreams, and more specifically what you would bring to the job. A picture is nice as well, so people know your face! 

A campaign

Hang posters, talk to students, organize a Q&A with your fellow candidates, make a video or whatever else you can think of to convice your fellow students.

A speech

A four minute speech in the auditorium, with afterwards one question from your predecessor and ten minutes of questions from the audience.

Being in ASC means being in a team. In every team, the roles should be divided according to the strengths and weaknesses of the members: it is important to choose wisely when applying for a position. You can find some information below, browsing throught the Policy Manual can also help. Take some time to think and come and talk to us if you have any questions about positions in ASC!


As the Chair of ASC, you carry the final responsibility for all of the tasks carried out by ASC. As the (vice) chair of the College Council, you set the agenda for all academic student interests with topics ranging from the budget to quality improvements in courses. You possess strong communication and planning skills, and are capable of integrating the ideas and strengths of the team into a clear vision and direction. A good professional and personal relationship with the Dean, Director of Education, students, and your team is a condition for the Chair that can accomplish structural improvements across the college.

Student Assessor

As the Student Assessor, you are the student in the Management Team meetings, working closely together with the Dean, Managing Director and Director of Education, advising on a broad range of academic and strategic topics. You have a vote in the College Board, UCU’s highest decision making body. You engage in negotiations which require a consistent diplomatic approach as well as extensive argumentative skills. It is your responsibility to represent ASC’s views and the academic interests of the student body at large in your continuous interaction with the administration.

Academic Affairs Officer (3x)

As Academic Affairs Officer you are responsible for giving advice on, collecting information about and executing plans regarding academic quality issues and initiatives. The AAOs are divided per department: you will be in charge of the communication with the Science, Social Science or Humanities department. This function requires intensive consultation with the students and the staff for their ideas on academics, as well as taking up initiatives by the students, by College Hall, by teachers, fellows, Heads of Department or ASC’s own initiatives. You are ASC's eyes, ears and hands in the Department. Furthermore, as a representative in the College Council it is important to be aware of all issues concerning academics and take a proactive approach in the co-decision making process. Finally, besides consulting students and advising the MT, it is important that you are approachable to students and are willing and able to help them with any questions/inquiries.

To give you a bit of an idea how your week could look like when you are in ASC, please find an example of a quite regular week of Inge (the ASC chair of 2013-2014). Keep in mind this is only an example, not a real life representation. Some tasks are quite specific for the chair position, some are more for the whole team. However, all ASC members should spend about the same time on ASC (20-30 hours per week), be it on their own projects and specific duties. Moreover, you are quite free to design your week the way you want it, so this example just shows personal preference, which will be different for everyone. If you have any questions, as always, just come to us and we will be happy to answer them.

You can find the policy manual, statutes and history of ASC on this page under 'What is ASC'.