In case of an emergency on campus, or in case trouble is suspected, students should dial the emergency telephone number: 030-2534444 (extension 4444 from campus telephones). This connects you immediately to the Utrecht University Security Meldkamer (emergency/incident room), which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Inform them of the nature of the emergency, and of its exact location. They will take the appropriate steps.

All students are strongly advised to enter both the emergency security telephone number, 030 253 4444, and the number for non-emergency security calls, 030 253 1300, into their mobile phones for easy and quick access.


Do not use 112 to report an emergency. The UU Security Meldkamer at 030 253 4444 will immediately call the appropriate emergency service and come to campus to meet them.  Emergency personnel cannot enter campus at night due to locked gates and are not familiar with campus addresses. In most cases they must wait for campus security to come, so if 4444 is called, security will arrive here first to provide assistance.

Access to Student Housing 

Living on campus is a key characteristic of University College Utrecht. The UCU set-up differs from regular rental arrangements where students directly rent rooms from a social housing corporation or a private landlord. Instead, UCU functions as an intermediary between the housing corporation (Lekstedewonen) and the students. In this situation a number of responsibilities concerning the safety of these residences lie with UCU. As such, it is sometimes necessary for staff members to enter units, under the following guidelines made by student representatives in cooperation with the UCU administration.

Lekstedewonen Maintenance Staff

Lekstedewonen Maintenance Staff only visit student housing on appointment, at the request of students requiring maintenance of (items in) their unit. Students themselves give these maintenance staff access to their unit/room. Lekstedewonen staff can report hazardous unit conditions to UCU staff, who may then take action to resolve the situation. Lekstedewonen staff can also request to come and repair items if their condition could compromise safety (for example dismounted door springs). Only if the state of these items leads to immediate danger is the permission of the residents not necessary - the Lekstedewonen staff will then need to be accompanied by an UCU staff member.

UCU Staff

With the exception of safety inspections and incidental situations UCU staff are only allowed access to units and rooms with permission from the residents. 

Planned Fire Inspections

The Housemaster and Student Life Officer are allowed to enter the communal areas of the units for the purpose of fire safety inspections, on the condition residents are notified at least 3 days before the inspections take place. These checks should always be executed by two or more staff members and should take place on weekdays between 10:00 and 18:00.

Inspection of personal rooms will require permission of the individual student. An appointment must be made allowing the student to be present during the inspection.

The first inspection will focus on detecting unsafe situations and reporting this to residents. They will then have at least two weeks to change the situation according to the comments of the inspection team.

If, during the second inspection, it is found that unsafe situations remain, the inspection team has the right to remove dangerous objects and store them elsewhere on UCU for 4 weeks (otherwise they will be disposed of). Students can retrieve their belongings on the condition that these items will be removed from the UCU campus.

Incidental Situations

UCU staff are allowed access to the communal area of the units and rooms when immediate threat to the safety of any resident is suspected. If access is required to the common area of the unit in order to resolve technical problems with the building, staff should first ring the doorbell and get permission from a resident to enter the unit. If access is required to private rooms, staff should obtain permission from a student to enter his/her room. In case of absence of a student, this can also been done through e-mail.

If a student is absent, and does not reply within two days to the mail sent by UCU staff, the latter obligation does not apply if the technical problem threatens to cause structural damage to the building. In case of urgent technical problems that can lead to damage of the building, two staff members are entitled to enter the unit, after they tried to get in contact with the students and after they rang the bell several times. Students need to be informed about this incident immediately after this has taken place.