Document requests

Submit your request for paper documents (Semester list of grades, Graduation declaration etc) with the Document request form.   

Curriculum requests

Most curriculum requests (major declaration, off-campus course etc) can be done through a single web form.


Extension request

This procedure is used for requesting an extension of the final due date of papers or assignments. It only applies if the hand-in date is moved beyond the last day of the semester. Requests will only be granted (a) if submitted no later than the final day of the semester, AND (b) in case of extenuating circumstances. The form to request an extension for all courses is available in OSIRIS Zaak/Case.

Please go to OSIRIS Student, and log in. Go to the tab “Cases” and click on “My cases”, and then on “Start case”. You can then scroll down and choose “UCU extension request”. You will be informed about the outcome of your request, please ensure to log in and also check for any specific teacher or tutor comments.


Research thesis