In line with the Dutch government and Utrecht University, University College Utrecht is taking measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. We are doing the utmost to ensure that our unique education approach continues, that our students and staff remain safe and healthy, and that crucial processes continue to run as smoothly as possible.

The information on this page is subject to change to reflect the latest government and university guidelines.

Please contact for questions, concerns, and help on campus when tested positive for corona.

Last updated: 12 July 2021

I have no symptoms, but would like to do a self-test. Where do I get one?

You can either buy these at drugstores or order a kit for free: You need your UU login details to order a kit. 

I have symptoms of coronavirus. What should I do?

Self-quarantine immediately in your unit. If you have symptoms such as a cold, cough, fever or sudden loss of smell or taste, you need to get tested to see if you are infected with coronavirus. Read more on the RIVM website.
If you experience severe symptoms like fever and shortness of breath, your unit mates must also remain quarantined in the unit untill the test result is known.

How do I make a test appointment?

  • Online
  • National hotline: 0800 1202 or +31 850 659 063 if you're calling from a foreign phone
  • Utrecht GGD (in Dutch):  030 630 54 00, only for information, not appointments

Where are the GGD testing sites in Utrecht?

You can choose a specific testing site when you make an appontment. The largest one in the city of Utrecht is at Jaarbeurs P2, Truus van Lierlaan. The closest testing site is Bolognalaan 10, University Medical Centre (UMC), Utrecht Science Park. 
You will receive the result within 48 hours.

What should I do if I test negative for Corona virus, but still have symptoms? 

You and your unit mates can go out again and back to work/class. Observe hygiene and social distancing guidelines very carefully; a common cold is contagious, too! If at all possible, stay at home until you are symptom-free.

If you arrive from an orange country with a negative test result, you still have to self-quarantine for ten days. You may take a test after the 5th day of quarantine and if negative, you can leave quarantine. 

What should I do if I test positive?

If you test positive for corona, the GDD will explain what you need to do, and ask you to alert your recent contacts.
Please contact us immediately via, with your tutor in cc. We can then facilitate access to the designated quarantine unit, and buddy support as needed. If you need medical assistance while quarantining, do not go to the doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead.

Is my unit considered a household?

Yes. Groups of unrelated people living together, are considered a household. Unit mates are strongly recommended to keep their distance whenever possible though.

When it comes to quarantine requirements: when one of you has tested positive for Corona, all must stay in. See 'getting tested'.

How many guests can I invite in my unit?

To prevent the spread of the virus the following rules apply and overrule the ones in the campus rules and regulations

Do I need to self-quarantine when arriving on / returning to campus?

Depending on the country you are travelling from you may need to quarantine, even if you have a corona test with a negative test result or have been vaccinated. You can check what applies to the country you are travelling from on this page

Do I have to self-quarantine after I go away during a semester break?

Same as above: students travelling from areas that the Dutch government has deemed high risk (check the above site) are asked to self- quarantine in their room for 10 days. You may leave quarantine after 5 days if you get tested and the result is negative. 

What does self-quarantine mean if you don't have symptoms?

  • Don’t leave your unit.
  • Make sure you have as little contact as possible with unit mates and keep 1.5 metres when using common spaces.
  • Together with your unit mates, ensure that communal areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, are cleaned frequently. 
  • Nobody may visit you, except for medical purposes (for example, your doctor or a GGD official).
  • If you need medical assistance, do not go to the doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead.
  • A UCU buddy can assist you with practical matters such as grocery shopping, making medical appointments, etc. Contact to request a buddy.
  • Inform your teachers, and take your classes online
  • If you do not develop any symptoms that could be caused by Corona, you can get tested after five days and hopefully end the self-quarantine. Without a negative test, quarantine ends after 10 days.

See the government website for more information. 

How do I quarantine if I test positive for Corona virus?

If you test positive for corona, please contact us immediately via, with your tutor in cc. We can then facilitate access to a designated quarantine unit as needed. If you need medical assistance while quarantining, do not go to the doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead. A UCU buddy volunteer can help you while you are quarantining. They can assist you with practical matters such as grocery shopping, making medical appointments, etc. Contact to request a buddy.

If classes move entirely online, am I able to stay on campus? 

Yes. If all classes have to be moved online, you will still be able to continue to live on campus. 

What happens in case someone is infected?

Students and staff who develop symptoms are asked to self-quarantine and get tested. If a student is tested positive, they are asked to inform This information is treated confidentially. The UCU crisis team will liaise with relevant authorities about adequate measures. These will depend on the outcome of this risk assessment. A weekly update on number of corona infections is sent to students and staff, even when there are none. 

Who will be informed in case of a confirmed infection?

The GGD will ask the infected person to inform the people they have been in close contact with. This includes unit mates and teachers. Possible measures, such as cancellation of in-class teaching for certain classes, will be communicated to the teachers and students concerned.

What do I do when I've been in close contact with an infected person?

If you have been in close contact (<1.5 m for more than 15 minutes) with someone who has tested positively, you need to self-quarantine and get tested as well. 

Does UCU have a contingency plan in place in case of multiple confirmed infections? 

Yes, UCU has a contingency plan. The measures that will be taken will depend on the contact investigation and risk assessment. The general policy is that we will liaise with relevant authorities prior to making decisions about whether the situation calls for a full move to online teaching.

It is our collective responsibility to keep UCU safe while continuing in-class teaching to the extent that we can. 

Which physical measures have been taken in the educational buildings? 

  • All entrance and exit doors have one-way card access and door penetrators. 
  • One-way traffic in all buildings. 
  • Hand sanitizers at all entrances and exits. 
  • Cleaning wipes and detergent in all classrooms and offices. 
  • All UCU classrooms meet the highest ventilation requirements. 

Who is responsible for cleaning classrooms? 

The responsibility for cleaning the desk and chair lies with the person who starts using them. This is the only way to be sure that your desk and chair have been disinfected properly. In addition, the cleaning company has increased the cleaning regime of contact items such as doorknobs and banisters. Cleaning supplies are available in all class rooms. 

Is the use of face masks mandatory at UCU? 


Is social distancing necessary?

Social distancing may no longer be a strict requirement during Fall semester 2021, subject to further government announcement. We will update the website accordingly. 

What if someone has symptoms in class? 

Anyone who has symptoms is asked to self-quarantine and get themselves tested. Students (or staff members) with symptoms may not be allowed into classrooms, even if this means that multiple students will be denied access simultaneously.

Are the classrooms properly ventilated? 

All UCU classrooms meet the highest ventilation requirements. The ventilation systems in buildings Locke and Newton are permanently on. The ventilation system in building Voltaire is controlled by CO2 sensors and increases ventilation power when the number of people in the room rises. Neither ventilation system recirculates the air. Opening a window is possible, but will actually reduce the effectiveness of the ventilation.

In what format will classes be taught?

In line with government and UU regulations, which are still subject to change, UCU expects to go back to fulltime face-to-face education in Fall 2021. This means:

  • no social distancing
  • regular timeslot schedule
  • regular maximum of 28 students per class
  • video facilities for live streaming of classes are in place for extenuating circumstances only


If classes move entirely online, am I able to stay on campus? 

Yes. If all classes have to be moved online, you will still be able to continue to live on campus. 

How do I contact my tutor?

Please contact your personal tutor for discussing general concerns or questions about studying in different ways (online environment, new assignments, deadlines, etc.), or about living in ‘corona times’. Expect this to be via MS Teams, email or telephone.

How do I contact the Student Life Office?

The Student Life Office is there for you to talk, individually or in small groups, about whatever issues you are dealing with. If you would like to connect for a conversation, please email Include your full name and telephone number in your email.

How do I get study support?

In addition to consultations about writing and research (including methods and statistics), the Writing & Skills Centre is available also for discussing any topics related to studying in the current new reality, time management, or planning. Please email to set up an appointment.

How do I get career counseling?

The Futures Centre offers (online) consultations for preparing you for your next steps after UCU. Think for example of a CV review or advice for writing a good cover letter. Email for an appointment.

Who can I turn to if I still have questions or concerns? 

Any questions or concerns may be sent to

Does Utrecht University require proof of vaccination?

No, it does not.

Can I get vaccinated in the Netherlands if I am not a Dutch national?

Yes, you can. Once you have registered with Utrecht municipality, you are eligible for a vaccination. You can make an appointment via or by dialing 0800-7070 (recommended if you want to get vaccinated as soon as possible).