The Writing & Skills Centre (WaSC) is a place for UCU students to get help with any aspect of their writing as well as other academic skills. We offer consultations for the following:

1. Writing skills

Deciding on a research question, finding a focus, writing in various disciplines, choosing a writing strategy, planning the writing process, making writing more efficient or enjoyable, overcoming writer’s block, finding one’s academic voice,  making a text plan.

2. Presentation skills

Analyzing aim & audience, preparing a talk, putting together visual aids, managing nerves, practicing.

3. Study skills

Time management, academic reading, preparing for exams.

4. Methodological research skills

Choosing the appropriate data collection strategy, critically looking at the validity and reliability of your measurements, evaluating ethical issues, choosing an appropriate research design, etc.

5. Statistical analyses

Selecting the appropriate analysis technique, using SPSS, reading and interpreting output, etc.

The Writing & Skills Centre offers the following services:

  • Individual appointments with students.
  • A variable series of optional workshops, which can be organized by department/discipline, by cohort, on demand from students, or on demand from teachers.
  • Resources about a variety of topics related to research & writing.


The Writing & Skills Centre is located in Locke LL, across the hall from the lounge.


The Writing & Skills Centre is run by dr. Annemieke Meijer (coordinator), dr. Kirsten Namesnik and dr. Guus de Krom.

To schedule an individual appointment, please send an e-mail message to: and indicate in your e-mail what type of consultation you are looking for.