Course registration for all general UCU courses takes place via Osiris. It is set up as a pre-enrolment procedure with several rounds in which you can enter your course preferences. A weighted placement process and possible draw will determine eventually for which courses you will be enrolled.

Your pre-registration reflects the discussion you had with your tutor about required courses and preferences. Semester pre-registration will open shortly after the midterm meetings.

Always make sure to prioritise all courses you must take. Also make sure that you choose enough alternatives (the system is designed to not give any disadvantage to people with sufficient alternatives). On the other hand: if complete registration is hampered by not entering enough alternatives, students may be enrolled in any course where there are places available to meet their required study load.

The deadline for course pre-registration is communicated in the academic calendar and also incorporated in the pre-enrolment module in Osiris. The Osiris course pre-registration manual can be found here.

If your course load for next semester will deviate from the standard course load (27-30 ECTS) you must first register a “Pre-registration – Adjusted course load” in Osiris under Cases. This applies to all situations that impact your course load.

Note that this procedure only facilitates adjusting your course load for course pre-registration in Osiris. This means that you have to make sure that you have approval via the formal procedure on all relevant curriculum requests that affect your course load: off-campus courses, course load reductions etcetera. Any course placement based on adjustments without official and timely approval on relevant curriculum requests, may be rolled back without consultation, as a consequence.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for a course you wish to take next semester, you must apply for Course admittance (in Osiris under Cases). Note that course admittance needs to be obtained prior to the final deadline of the registration process.

The Osiris pre-registration module will warn you when registering for a course for which you do not meet the entrance requirements. For courses you are currently taking you will not receive a warning. But if a minimum amount of prior credit is required, you will (although your current courses might then cover already).

Registration for all regular research theses is done through course label UCTHESIS in the pre-enrolment module. The field of study will be indicated later during the thesis proposal procedure.

Registration for Honors and Extra (7,5 EC) theses is not done in Osiris: the standard procedure applies.

Registration for internships, 2,5 EC course modules and Lab courses are at this moment not done through the Osiris pre-registration module.

Internships: contact the internship coordinator.

Lab courses: contact the lab course coordinator.

2,5 EC course modules: enrolment through the accompanying and preceding 5 EC course (UCACCMET23 or UCACCMET25).

If you are sure to take an off-campus course (mind the formal procedure) you have to adjust your course load prior to your pre-registration (see Adjusted course load item).

Note that you should alter your course load prior to the final deadline of the registration process.

Your double degree requirements could give reason to adjust your course load for the semester registration, e.g. if you are taking fewer UCU courses because you are taking non-UCU courses for your double degree (see Adjusted course load item). Make sure to adjust your course load prior to your Osiris pre-registration.

If you need help, please contact UCU reception in the first instance. Additionally, please refer to the course pre-registration manual.