Students working on empirical research projects can use MediaLab and DirectRT.  

MediaLab can be used to collect data in questionnaires and experiments. It is very flexible and rather easy to use, whether you want to run an experiment with randomised conditions or a simple questionnaire. You can set it up to show your subjects pictures, movies or powerpoint slides. It will record their responses, whether you need a simple multiple choice click-of-a-button, or an essay-type response. DirectRT can be used along with MediaLab to time the presentation of stimuli and record reaction times, for cognitive or perception tasks. Data will be recorded in a file that can be directly opened in SPSS or Excel, or in any other program that you may want to use to analyze your data. The software has recently been made available alongside SPSS, Word, PowerPoint, etc. on all quiet-area computers. It provides a good tool for a variety of courses offered at University College Utrecht and for students who are interested in doing empirical work for their independent bachelors projects.

For questions, contact Christel Lutz.