"The UAUCU research collaboration in Aruba was a one of a kind experience for me. Being able to look into a single topic within the context of such a multi-disciplinary team in ten intense weeks taught me a lot. My research was on waste management in the community, and the excitement of all the people connected to the research program had for the possibilities of my work made the process that much more satisfying and fun. The program coordinators encouraged us to take a community-based approach, trying to guide us to create meaningful data and give back to the community. With the right attention and ambition, the depth of your research in Aruba can be profound. The beautiful thing about doing bachelor thesis research on a small island as open to diverse groups of people as Aruba is that you can reach more people and achieve more with your results.

Along with being in the warmth and being surrounded by good people, exploring a new place is always exciting. I would recommend this program for anybody who yearns to explore, challenge themselves and contribute to something really valuable."

–Ben Bultrini, UCU Class of 2017