Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts & Sciences (Major: Law & Economics, minor: statistics)
Further education:
Pursuing a Master in Onderneming en Recht (Corporate law) at Utrecht University
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

I wanted a challenge

When I applied for UCU, I wanted more than a traditional Dutch university education could offer me. I did not want to limit myself to one discipline and I wanted a challenge. The ambitious vibe on campus at UCU really stimulated me to get the best out of myself. I challenged myself academically through intense courses, and socially through a dynamic and diverse environment. Living on campus also motivates you to engage in extracurricular activities. I have for example been involved in (amongst others) the UCSA Acquisition Committee, which establishes partnerships between our association and a wide variety of firms.

UCU’s unique curriculum enables you to choose from a diverse set of academic subjects. One amazing option is to do a double degree, which every year a select group of students decides to pursue. I decided to do the Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Combining UCU with Dutch law

This challenging four-year program is 240 ECTS, of which at least 140 ECTS are in law, allows me to combine the best of both worlds. After completing the program, I obtain a bachelor’s degree in Dutch Law as well as in Liberal Arts & Sciences. This allows me to practice law in the Netherlands. My internship at a renowned international law firm in Amsterdam provides me with practical legal experience to add to the strong academic legal knowledge gained through the double degree program.

In practicing law, many other disciplines can play an important role too, for example economics. The UCU double degree program prepares you for practicing law and gives you a broad and useful academic background. In my opinion that is what makes the Law Double Degree program unique.