Your resume (or CV, short for curriculum vitae) is a document that shows, clearly and concisely, who you are and what you've done in terms of education, work experience, and extracurricular activities. A well-written resume will leave a good first impression with any potential employer. Fine-tune your resume to the job you're applying for. Create a sort of database for yourself that contains all of your experiences and select from that database only the relevant elements for each job application. Have a look at our job application tips as well (see Job application tips).

How to write a powerful resume: watch the video below. 

There are two ways to have your resume and application letter checked by your career officer:

  • From November 2015 you can email us your resume, your application letter and the job opening you are responding to. You will have our response within a few days.
  • Plan an interview with a career officer through the calendar below. Bring your resume, your application letter and the job opening to the interview and perform the career check beforehand. Bring the results from the check along as well.

bas defize / mark baldwin

If you are a UCU student and wish to talk to careers guidance staff on campus, please send an e-mail to either Career Development Officer Bas Defize ( or Student Life Officer Mark Baldwin (

Book an appointment with other career officers working at UU

You can book your appointment with the other Career Officers working at the different faculties through the calendar below. If the calendar shows no available dates, please try again later. New interview time slots are made available at the end of each week.

Please note:

  1. Select an appointment type and then choose a time. You can also select a specific career officer in the second drop-down menu, if you prefer to do so.
  2. Always perform the career check first and bring the results with you to the interview.