The Transnational Law Programme is aimed at training students in different national legal systems. University College Utrecht offers this programme in close cooperation with the Washington University School of Law in Saint Louis (WUSOL), Missouri, US. As a Transnational Law Programme student you enroll in the Social Science major at University College Utrecht, taking a set number of Law courses. In the third year you go on exchange to WUSOL for a semester. By taking law courses at both University College Utrecht and WUSOL, students acquire their legal skills and knowledge within the context of the two major longstanding legal traditions of civil law and common law, each in its natural environment. After completing the programme you have access to some of the Masters in Law (LLM) programmes at Utrecht University and WUSOL.

Note: this programme is not aimed at becoming a practicing bar lawyer either in the USA or in the Netherlands. Students who pursue a career as a barrister, solicitor or in the judiciary will need additional legal training.

As a Transnational Law Programme student you must satisfy all requirements for a major in either Social Science or Interdepartmental in which Law is one of the two tracks. In addition you must take at least 9 law courses at University College Utrecht, and the equivalent of further 4 courses at WUSOL. That means your programme will include:

  • A minimum of 9 Law courses at University College Utrecht
  • 10 other courses at University College Utrecht (including general and major specific requirements)
  • 1 elective course
  • 1 semester at WUSOL, equivalent of 4 University College Utrecht courses.

UCU Law courses

UCSSCLAW11 - Law Society and Justice
UCSSCLAW12 - Introduction to Law
UCSSCLAW13 - Criminal justice systems
UCSSCLAW21 - International Law
UCSSCLAW22 - Comparative Constitutional Law
UCSSCLAW26 - Property law and Contract Law
UCSSCLAW27 - International and European Labour Law
UCSSCLAW31 - International Human Rights
UCSSCLAW33 - European Union Law
UCSSCLAW34 - International Commercial Arbitration
UCSSCRES31 - Social Science Research Project
UCSSCRES32 - Extended Bachelor’s Thesis

WUSOL Law courses

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Commercial Law
Family Law
Health Law
Intellectual Property Law
International and Comparative Law
Judicial Clerkship
Labor and Employment Law
Property and Land Use Law

The Transnational Law Programme is funded in part by an Atlantis grant from the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission and the Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) of the U.S. Department of Education.