In the Netherlands, you need a Dutch law degree to qualify for the so-called toga professions – notary, judge, lawyer (civil effect). But a Dutch law program does not specifically cater to students with multiple interests, who wish to explore different talents and sample the diversity of the academic world. University College Utrecht (UCU) and the Utrecht University School of Law offer a solution in the form of a double degree program. After completion of this four-year program you have two fully accredited Bachelor degrees, one in LA&S and one in Dutch law. By doing both simultaneously you avoid paying the penalty for a second study program.

The program

The four-year program encompasses 240 ECTS in course credits, of which at least 140 in law. You spend the first two years taking required and elective courses at UCU, in which you focus on law. This prepares you for a test you take before the start of the third year to assess your legal knowledge. Based on the test you are admitted to the double degree program. During the third and fourth year you take courses at UCU and the UU School of Law. You conclude your program with a 15 ECTS Bachelor thesis. Upon completion you are qualified to apply to all master’s programs in law (LLM) at Utrecht University, as well as many other universities, in the Netherlands and abroad. To get access to the legal professions in the Netherlands you need an LLM in Dutch law.


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To take part in the double degree program you apply to UCU like any other UCU student.

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