Summer or Winter Term Courses

The ECs earned by taking a summer or winter term course can count towards the ‘curriculum enrichment options’ needed for the honours certificate only for 2021 and 20211/2 graduates. After that, we will remove summer or winter term courses from the curriculum enrichment options.

Summer term courses are condensed in format and allow students to focus fully on a single topic. Course topics are generally interdisciplinary, and admit students on the basis of a broad range of pre-requisites. This makes for groups with varied disciplinary backgrounds and interests, and also, therefore, for lively debate and discussion.

Interesting guest lecturers visit the college to teach. We have had courses taught by, for example, a state attorney from Florida, a sociolinguist and caribbean studies expert from the university of Aruba, a deaf sign language teacher from Dublin, and a lecturer from Leiden University's Centre for Terrorism and Counter-terrorism. Students benefit from the experience and expertise that these teachers bring from outside the Utrecht context.

The Summer courses are open for all students, who meet the specific course requirements. Find out more in the course catalogue.