Community-Based Research for the Humanities

Why choose this option?

This programme gives you the chance to carry out a project that you co-design in collaboration with stakeholders so that it has potential for meaningful societal impact. To support your success, you get guidance and coaching during the preparatory course offered via the Faculty of the Humanities, TC3V19001 Doing community-based research:  Knowledge for society. The programme allows you to apply your research skills to a societally meaningful project of your own choosing, to engage in cultural and intellectual exchange with people in the broader community beyond the university, and to make the transition from student to independent researcher.

Who is it for?

The programme is for students who are interested in discovering how to address global societal challenges, like those encapsulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, at a local level by working with stakeholders. The programme is particularly well-suited for students with main interests in the humanities and social sciences who want to explore how they can use their knowledge and research skills to contribute to society. Even small contributions can have an impact!

What is its place in the curriculum?

Community-based research can be used to enrich a BA thesis project, or as a research internship experience. The pre-requisite course TC3V19001 is a level 3 elective course that provides with 7.5EC that can be counted towards the ‘curriculum enrichment options’ needed for the honours certificate. UCU students can count the course towards general degree requirements.

If you want this off-campus course on your UCU transcript, you must request it as an off-campus course with the Exam Board.

Stories from programme alumni

More information

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