It is part of UCU's educational philosophy to challenge our students on all kinds of levels - academic, cultural, social. As well as basing the UCU degree in an international campus setting in Utrecht,  we also provide the opportunity to go to another educational instution in another country to further push out the borders of their experience.

Going on exchange allows students to experience a different academic environment. They can take advantage of different course offerings and make use of their semester to travel and get to know a new culture, building new academic and social networks.

Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0, and 90 ECs can go on exchange. For further details of the requirements, see the extended information on exchange semesters and study abroad.

An exchange semester counts for one of the six undergraduate semesters at UCU. Students take a minimum of 30 ECs while on exchange. The courses that they take are generally elective courses, but can also count for specific graduation requirements.

Students interested in going on exchange should discuss possibilities with their tutor in their first semester. Carla Kist (, is UCU's exchange officer, and can answer specific questions on exchange semesters.  See the extended information on exchange on the UCU Study Abroad pages.