The Academic Student Council (ASC), is University College Utrecht's elected student body that represents student interest in all academic matters.

The six members that form the Academic Student Council work together with students, teachers and staff members in order to “improve the liberal arts and sciences education from a student’s perspective”. ASC is dependent on student involvement in this process, and thereby holds a range of different research activities; from small-scale discussion groups (focus groups) to large-scale student opinion surveys. ASC also functions as an open source of information for students and facilitates them in their initiatives.

ASC holds official positions within the organisational structure of University College Utrecht. It has 4 seats in the University College Utrecht Council, the college's co-decision-making, advisory body, together with 4 faculty members. It works with the Dean, Director of Education and the Managing Director, for example on budget proposals, as well as providing them with advice and consent to changes in the academic rules and regulations. In addition to that, one of the ASC members, as part of the management team, has a seat in the highest decision making body within University College Utrecht, the College Board.

Along with these official positions ASC also hold a strong connection with the departments. The Academic Affairs Officers works with the head of departments, fellows and student representatives of tracks in order to improve individual classes and tracks.

Above all, ASC holds the positions and determination to better this University College, all we need is student involvement and support to make a change.

Please order your books as soon as your spot in a course has been guaranteed.

Second-hand book sales

You can buy books second hand in different ways. For example, you can buy your books from the student-run Facebook group ‘End of Year Sales Page’.

Buying new books

Among others, you can consider ordering your books via:


Ship your books to:
[your full name]
Maupertuusplein 1 - [your own mailbox number]
3584EE Utrecht (The Netherlands)

At the start of the semester when many people order books, packages are picked up at the Reception Desk at specific times. These will be communicated by the Reception team each semester. You will always receive a message when a package has arrived for you.

ASC strives to help make your academic experience a positive one. Student opinions are essential in achieving this. If ever you have a complaint or suggestion on academic matters please communicate these to ASC by dropping into the office, sending an e-mail ( or speaking with ASC members in person. Your comments will always be taken seriously, and in confidence. ASC will get back to you with a reaction as quickly as possible. Of course, suggestions for solutions to problems are more than welcome as well. Even if we aren’t immediately able to solve your individual problem, we can usually work on preventing it from occurring again for other students.

The AAOs constantly monitor their department in order to detect any issues which might develop. Students are encouraged to approach AAOs with their concerns. The AAO can then decide to conduct a Focus Group in order to discover more about the issue. They will invite the relevant students to meet with them, usually in the ASC office, and discuss the problem. It is typical that the fellow is invited to the end of the Focus Group, and is allowed to comment on the concerns brought up. The minutes of the focus group are compiled in a report and sent to the fellow and head of department. The students and fellow are allowed to comment on the report before it becomes official and gets published here below. The results and suggestions are usually taken up, and courses are improved this way.


Maupertuusplein 1
3584 EE Utrecht
Facebook: ASC UCU
Telephone: +31 30 253 9884

Office hours

Monday – Wednesday: 12.45 – 13.45 (during semesters)
Friday: 15:30 – 16:30

The ASC Office is located in Dining Hall, immediately on your right when you enter.