UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht


Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 88 75 555 55 (front desk)


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Opening hours

Mon All day open
Tue All day open
Wed All day open
Thu All day open
Fri All day open
Sat All day open
Sun All day open

Getting there

By Public Transport


Nearest bus stop: UMC Utrecht

There is a free shuttle bus between the parking garage of the UMC and the main entrance.


Nearest tram stop: UMC Utrecht


Get off at Utrecht Central Station. From there, take a bus or tram 22 tot the UMC Utrecht stop.


Car park

Car park Zuid (UMC Utrecht)

Disabled parking space

Bicycle Parking


Accessibility and inclusion


Main entrance

Wheelchair accessible 

Location: the entrance is on the first floor on the west side of the building. Accessible by car via a ramp and by foot via a staircase.

Type: sliding doors and (large) revolving door.



Location: turn left at the main entrance. After 50 meters the elevator will be on your left.

Reach: all floors.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible Toilet


Location first floor: turn left from the main entrance and the toilet is on the left after 10 meters. There are more toilets at several places in the building.



Via the front desk: tel. +31 88 75 555 55

Location: directly after the main entrance, continue straight on for about 8 meters.

Lactation, first aid or quiet room


Silent room UMC  

Photo gallery

  • Front view of the UMC Utrecht building
  • The main entrance of the UMC Utrecht building
  • The main entrance of the UMC Utrecht building
  • One of the elevators of the UMC Utrecht building
  • The parking spaces for disabled at the UMC Utrecht building