(Termination of) enrolment

Both tracks within SEC include courses from the Graduate School of Teaching and the Faculty of Science. The rules and regulations when registering for courses differ:

Course registration

Course registration is per semester, before the start of each period there is limited time to change your enrolment. See table below for the correct registration dates. You will receive an email at your students email address with a link to the digital course registration form.

If you want to change your registration, please send an email to gst@uu.nl with your name, student ID and the courses you want to (de-)register for. Please make sure to send your email before the deadline (see dates per period below).

For your Research Project you will be registered by the Student Desk of the Faculty of Science after you handed in the Research Project application form.

Please note that course registration often takes place months before the start of the course. You can find more information about your courses and electives under Study programme. More information on course registration for specific courses can be found on the Course Catalogue in Osiris.

Enrolment in your study programme

To continue your programme you must re-enrol annually. If you want to end your programme, you must terminate your enrolment.